17 May 2015

History in the making-- DC power -- Last 36 trains on Indian Railways

Mumbai local trains running on direct current (DC) power will become history on Indian Railways main line next week after 90 years.
The dust brown and yellow trains have been a Mumbai trademark all these years. The Bombay Railway History Group has been appealing to the railway authorities to save, if possible, a working model of Direct Current train as the technology will cease to exist on Indian Railways, but authorities do not seem too keen. While there have been promises to save a shell of the motor coach at museums, we thought a working model of the fading technology would have been wonderful.

During the last few decades, there were attempts too with amateur rail fans identifying a place near old Mankhurd railway station in Mumbai where short runs of such DC runs could be done, away from active service line, but nothing ever materialized. Such runs of course would involve cost and manpower to keep them operational.

Only 36 pure DC Electric Multiple Unit trains (26 9-car and ten 12-car) remain on harbour and trans harbour, which too will also b slowly converted, retrofitted into AC-DC.

All the locos have already been converted and no single pure DC loco remains today.
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