07 September 2009

Remains of the first electric railway...

G.I.P.R seals on OHE masts find a home

Bombay’s first railway was not only India’s first, but also the Asia’s first. The first railway electrification scheme in India was inaugurated in February 3, 1925 along the same lines, and consisted of the Harbour Branch of the Bombay suburban lines of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIP Railway).

The first electric railway operated from Victoria Terminus to Kurla (16 km), using 1500V DC overhead traction. EMUs from Cammell Laird and Uerdingenwagonfabrik were used.

The OHE masts that were put up during the period are now being removed (2009) one after the other as the GIP Railway, now called the Central Railway moves ahead to switch over to an advanced AC traction.

The old OHE masts had seals with letters GIPR etched on them. The seals on one such scrapped poles were saved yesterday.

Rajendra B. Aklekar