28 March 2009

Oldest tracks found near Thane

In a rare find, the Central Railway has unearthed some of the oldest rail tracks of “bull head” type that had been buried under debris since more than a century at the country’s oldest station Thane. India’s first train had ran between Mumbai and Thane station on April 16, 1853.

The “bull-head” type of tracks were used by the railways in the late 19th century and early part of the 20th century and subsequently discontinued for use of flat-footed rails that are used till today. The tracks were found by a local contractor during work of building a water drain parallel to the Thane yard in the south side of the railway station.

-Rajendra B. Aklekar

07 March 2009

The end of old Bhandup station sidings

Saturday, March 7
The old sidings of Bhandup station behind platform number one, that were located in the Guest, Keen Willaims Company (popularly known as GKW Company) premises were finally demolished and uprooted on Saturday.
The rails comprised old heavy metal, cast iron pot sleepers. The station is on the line of India's first railway line run by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR) and had also played host to the first railway in 1853.
Though the uprooted rails do not belong particularly to the first railway, they were a part of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR). All the uprooted rails have been piled up to sold off or scrapped. Exclusive pictures of the removal in process.
-Rajendra B. Aklekar